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This Target Persib at PSM Makassar Cage

This Target Persib at PSM Makassar Cage

Persib Bandung target to decide the results of less than the maximum in the last five matches in League 1. The ambition is expected to materialize when Persib met PSM Makassar at Andi Mattalatta Stadium, Makassar, Sunday (15/10/2017).

“Realistic in football maybe we know sometimes unexpected things can happen.We do not want to think down we want to go up and try to achieve maximum results d isana,” said Persib physical coach, Yaya Sunarya, Thursday (12/10/2017) .

Yaya explained now his team only focus on trying to get positive results in every game including trying to eliminate the burden when meeting the team nicknamed Juku Eja.

“Every game will be impossible to climb up to become champion means we are only trying to improve individually or team so that its impact on team achievement goes up, meaning every game we have to win,” said Yaya.

In the match later Persib coach staff bring 19 players without Raphael Maitimo accumulated and Dedi Kusnandar injured. “The left goalkeeper Imam (Arif), Agung (Mulyadi), (Raphael) Maitimo Dedi (Kusnandar) brought 19 players plus two goalkeepers, “he said.

List of Players

Here is a list of Persib players who brought to face PSM Makassar:

1. I Made Wirawan

2. M. Natshir

3. Henhen Herdiana

4. Supardi

5. Vladimir Vujovic

6. Achmad Jufriyanto \

7. Purwaka Yudi

8. Wildansyah

9. Jajang Sukmara

10. Tony Sucipto

11. Hariono

12. Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan

13. M. Essien

14. Billy paji Keraf

15. Atep

16. Febri Hariyadi

17. Gian Zola

18. Shohei Matsunaga

19. Ezechiel N’Douassel

Allegri Disappointed with Higuain

Allegri Disappointed with Higuain

Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri admitted feeling disappointed with his attacker Gonzalo Higuain

That’s because the player did not provide maximum performance for the Bianconeri when every game.

Allegri claimed not to know exactly what makes Higuain not provide maximum performance for Juventus.

Despite not giving his maximum performance, Allegri still regard the former Napoli striker as a very important player.

In an interview, Allegri said, “I feel disappointed with Higuain.”

“He did not give his maximum performance. It’s very embarrassing. ”

“For me Higuain is a great player. For that I want him back like he used to. ”

“I was disappointed with him. But I also want him to change. ”

“I as a coach of course this is a bad thing. And I do not want him back like this. “

Former Manchester United Defender Choose Open Grocery Store

Former Manchester United Defender Choose Open Grocery Store

A number of former Manchester United players switched professions. After Rio Ferdinand became boxer, his former teammate in 2008-2009, Richard Eckersley, turned to open a grocery store.

Know Richard Eckersley? Some Manchester United fans may still recognize the name, but not many. Eckersley is now starting his new career by opening a garbage-free grocery store in Totnes Town.

The zero waste food shop is just like an ordinary store, but buyers have to bring their own containers from home to accommodate the items they want.

The Eckersley store was the first in the area.

“When I found out that football is just a sport and nothing more, I think my enthusiasm is slowly dying,” said the player who retired in 2016.

“I am ready to leave football when I have pledged 100 per cent, I think I am doing it at the right moment,” said Danny Welbeck of the Manchester United Academy.

Richard Eckersley was once part of Manchester United in 2005-2009, with the first two years at the club’s academy.

During that period, players born March 12, 1989 was just performed twice with the senior team.

The debut of Premier League player Richard Jon Eckersley’s full name came on 27 January 2009, when Manchester United won 5-0 over West Bromwich Albion.

In the game, he entered as a substitute Gary Neville in the 71st minute.

At the end of the season, Eckersley is included in the 2009 League Cup final reserve list between Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur.

Although not playing, Eckersley still get a champion medal because Sir Alex Ferguson’s troops won a penalty shootout over Tottenham.

However, the game also became the end of the right-back career at Manchester United.

Eckersley chose to go to Burnley when offered the option to survive being part of the reserve team or leaving.

“I’m not Wayne Rooney or Cristiano Ronaldo who are great players but still have a great experience playing with them,” said the player alongside Gareth Bale.

The move to Burnley was the wrong decision because Eckersley did not get a chance to play at all.

“Football is not going well for me then I feel lonely,” he said.

Dipedpong to a number of clubs, he then established with Toronto FC in the United States League (MLS) as a loan player in 2011.

Defending the club between 2011 and 2013, Eckersley presents the Canadian League title in 2011 and 2012, plus the player’s choice of MLS supporters in 2012.

“Moving to the United States made my views change, the players there were very careful with the money, it awakened me,” Eckersley said.

He had joined the New York Red Bulls and returned to England with Oldham Athletic and had his last game as a professional player in December 2015.

“Football started to be a nuisance to me when I moved to New York,” Eckersley said.

“There, I started reading books and watching a lot of documentaries so my view was more open,” he said again.

Less than a year after deciding to retire in 2016, Eckersley started a grocery store business in March. He also enjoyed it.

“I sweep, mop, and do everything myself, something that footballers can not do all the time,” he joked.

Eckersley himself is reluctant to use his past as a promotional instrument for his shop selling well.

“We are quiet because I want this store to run properly,” Eckersley said.

Only, perhaps because there was no promotional instrument, Eckersley was difficult to “trace” by his former colleagues at Manchester United.

“Not yet,” Eckersley said when asked whether Rooney, Ronaldo, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, or Carlos Tevez who became his counterparts in the 2008-2009 season had come to the store.

“Maybe one of them will come to this store in the near future,” he said.

Distance could be a matter of former Eckersley team-mate visiting. Being in the southwest of England, it takes 4.5 hours from Manchester United to the Eckersley shop from Manchester.

Milan and Real Madrid Ready to fight Aubameyang

Milan and Real Madrid Ready to fight Aubameyang

No secret anymore if Real Madrid and AC Milan are interested to recruit Borussia Dortmund star, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

The Rossoneri put Gabon’s captain into their top transfer list this summer, but they failed to reach agreement with the Bundesliga giants.

The 29-year-old former AC Milan academic has revealed to the media that this season will probably be his last season in Germany.

“I’m happy to stay here,” Aubameyang said.

“Anyway, I do not know what will happen at the end of the season.”

A few weeks ago, Aubayemang confirmed if AC Milan were interested in getting it and also admitted his desire to join Real Madrid.

AC Milan football director Massimiliano Mirabelli has also confirmed that his club really wants to harbor Aubameyang this summer. The Rossoneri, however chose to buy Nikola Kalinic from Fiorentina and Andre Silva from Porto.