Allegri Disappointed with Higuain

Allegri Disappointed with Higuain

Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri admitted feeling disappointed with his attacker Gonzalo Higuain

That’s because the player did not provide maximum performance for the Bianconeri when every game.

Allegri claimed not to know exactly what makes Higuain not provide maximum performance for Juventus.

Despite not giving his maximum performance, Allegri still regard the former Napoli striker as a very important player.

In an interview, Allegri said, “I feel disappointed with Higuain.”

“He did not give his maximum performance. It’s very embarrassing. ”

“For me Higuain is a great player. For that I want him back like he used to. ”

“I was disappointed with him. But I also want him to change. ”

“I as a coach of course this is a bad thing. And I do not want him back like this. “

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