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This Target Persib at PSM Makassar Cage

This Target Persib at PSM Makassar Cage

Persib Bandung target to decide the results of less than the maximum in the last five matches in League 1. The ambition is expected to materialize when Persib met PSM Makassar at Andi Mattalatta Stadium, Makassar, Sunday (15/10/2017).

“Realistic in football maybe we know sometimes unexpected things can happen.We do not want to think down we want to go up and try to achieve maximum results d isana,” said Persib physical coach, Yaya Sunarya, Thursday (12/10/2017) .

Yaya explained now his team only focus on trying to get positive results in every game including trying to eliminate the burden when meeting the team nicknamed Juku Eja.

“Every game will be impossible to climb up to become champion means we are only trying to improve individually or team so that its impact on team achievement goes up, meaning every game we have to win,” said Yaya.

In the match later Persib coach staff bring 19 players without Raphael Maitimo accumulated and Dedi Kusnandar injured. “The left goalkeeper Imam (Arif), Agung (Mulyadi), (Raphael) Maitimo Dedi (Kusnandar) brought 19 players plus two goalkeepers, “he said.

List of Players

Here is a list of Persib players who brought to face PSM Makassar:

1. I Made Wirawan

2. M. Natshir

3. Henhen Herdiana

4. Supardi

5. Vladimir Vujovic

6. Achmad Jufriyanto \

7. Purwaka Yudi

8. Wildansyah

9. Jajang Sukmara

10. Tony Sucipto

11. Hariono

12. Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan

13. M. Essien

14. Billy paji Keraf

15. Atep

16. Febri Hariyadi

17. Gian Zola

18. Shohei Matsunaga

19. Ezechiel N’Douassel

AFF U-18 Cup, Indra Sjafri Prepares Three Alternative Formations

AFF U-18 Cup, Indra Sjafri Prepares Three Alternative Formations

The AFF U-18 Cup will be held September 4-17, 2017 in Yangon, Myanmar Agen Sbobet Terpercaya. Indonesian national team U-19 made by Indra Sjafri joined in Group A together with Brunei Darussalam, host Myanmar, Philippines and Vietnam.

Indra Sjafri claimed to have prepared three alternatives for the tournament. This was done during the last training camp in Yogyakarta.

“We have prepared three alternative formations: 4-3-3, 4-1-3-1-1 and 4-4-2,” said Indra Sjafri, who once brought the U-19 national champions to the event in 2013.

According to Indra Sjafri, U-19 national team is currently more suitable to play the formation 4-1-3-1-1. This is a special formation named “Sang Garuda” formation.

Unlike when in the era of Evan Dimas, Indra Sjafri more often play 4-3-3 formation.

The Garuda Nusantara squad will travel to Myanmar on Saturday, September 2, 2017. They will play the inaugural match against the hosts on September 5 at Thuwanna Stadium, Myanmar.

Message Captain Timnas SEA Games Gold Winners 1991 for Evan Dimas et al

Message Captain Timnas SEA Games Gold Winners 1991 for Evan Dimas et al

Indonesia last won a sports gold (sports) soccer in the SEA Games event, occurred in 1991. Ferril Raymond Hattu including players involved in the game.

Not only playing as a libero, Ferril also served as captain of the National Team (Timnas) Indonesia at that time. He hopes U-22 Indonesia national team can repeat the history.

U-22 national team will face Malaysia in semifinal match on Saturday (08/26/2017) tonight. Garuda Muda takes a step closer to achieving the gold medal targets.

Coming to this fight, Ferril gave a little advice to Evan Dimas Darmono and his friends.

“When viewed, Malaysia’s game in the group stage is arguably perfect because it always wins even though many think they are in a lighter group than those inhabited by Indonesia and Thailand,” said Ferril, Saturday (08/26/2017).

“In place of the match, Malaysia is also quite benefited because it will play in front of its own supporters. However, there is a gap that can be utilized by the national team to change that condition, “he said.

Ferril see, Malaysia will try hard to achieve quick advantage. They would be frustrated and nervous if the defense of the Indonesian national team is strong in stemming any attacks launched.

“Then the national team should be able to launch a counterattack to surprise Malaysia. All players must be optimistic can and have high spirits, but with emotional control that is maintained, of course, “said Ferril.

He hopes the players are able to avoid possible provocations of Malaysia. Thus, Evan Dimas et al have a chance to win the match to qualify for the finals.

“In addition, in the game as important as later, also needed a prime physical in supporting a player in controlling his emotions and mentally compete. I think if it has been obtained, Indonesia will be able to win despite having to go through extra time and penalties, “he said.

The same is also expressed by former Persegres Gresik goalkeeper and PS Petrokimia Putra, Sasono Handito. Sasono predicts the Indonesian national team will be able to win in normal time, although with a thin score 1-0.

“Because I’m sure the game will run tight. But if the emotions can be controlled by the national team players, with a pretty good mentality, I think Indonesia will be able to win by 1-0 in normal time, “said Sasono.

SEA Games 2017, Indonesia to Semifinal to Tantang Malaysia

SEA Games 2017, Indonesia to Semifinal to Tantang Malaysia

Indonesia U-22 national team win over Cambodia with a score of 2-0 in the final game of the 2017 SEA Games Group B allowance at the Shah Alam Stadium, Selangor, Malaysia on Thursday (8/24/2017) Agen Sbobet.

Thanks to this victory, Indonesia qualify for the semis. Evan Dimas and his friends finished as runners-up by summarizing 11 points. The group winners belong to Thailand after beating Vietnam 3-0.

Luis Milla rely on Marinus Wanewar on the front lines. He also plays Ricky Fajrin as a left-back replacing Rezaldi Hehanusa who should be absent due to yellow card accumulation.

As Hansamu Yama’s companion in defense, Milla plays Andy Setyo. Evan Dimas also appeared after missing the previous game.

Indonesia made its first threat in the fifth minute. Septian David Maulana gore the skin round but successfully captured goalkeeper Keo Soksele.

Indonesia continues to master the game. It makes Cambodia pile up players in defense. Cambodia’s strategy makes it difficult for Indonesia to create opportunities.

Behind the difficulties, Indonesia slipped a threat in the 26th minute. Saddil Ramdani made it into the penalty box but his ball shot off the mark.

Not giving up, Indonesia continues to launch pressure. Septian again tried his luck by firing hard from outside the penalty box. However, the ball shot by the opponent Septian and captured the opponent can be caught.

After that, Indonesia continues to control the game. Indonesia also superior the number of players in injury time in the first half. Choum Pisa gets a second yellow card after breaking Ricky. However, Indonesia can not score until the end of the first half.

Throughout the first half, Indonesia mastered the game about 61 percent. Evan Dimas and his comrades fired three shots right into the goal.

After the break, Milla seems to strengthen the wings after winning the number of players. She plays Febri to replace Osvaldo.

Not satisfied with the game asuhnnya children, Milla make tactical changes in the 54th minute. He plays two assailants by including Ezra Walian. The player who once strengthened Jong Ajax is replacing Ricky.

Ezra only took two minutes to register his name on the scoreboard. The Dutch naturalized player managed to open fire after utilizing the heat in the penalty box.

Milla’s decision to play Febri also sweet fruit. Players who strengthen Persib Bandung scored a goal in the 69th minute. From outside the penalty box, Febri fired hard and goals.

After winning 2-0, Indonesia did not reduce the intensity of the attack. Only, no additional goals that can be created Garuda Young squad until the fight was over.

In the final ticket contest, Luis Milla’s men will fight against Malaysia which is the champion of Group A. The semifinal match will be held on 26 August.

Composition of Players

Indonesia (4-2-3-1): Kartika Ajie; Ricky Fajrin, Hansamu Yama, Andy Setyo, Gavin Kwan; Hargianto, Evan Dimas; Septian David, Saddil Ramdani, Osvaldo Haay (Febri Haryadi 45 ‘); Marinus Wanewar

Coach: Luis Milla

Cambodia (4-5-1): Keo Soksela; Soeuy Visal, Pisa Choum, Chheng Meng, Nub Tola; Brak Thiva, Hoy Phallin, Chanchav Choun, Kunthea Ravan, Son Vandeth; Noun Borey.

Coach: Vasconcellos Andrade

“Hopefully Foreign Referees Can Motivate Local Referees”

“Hopefully Foreign Referees Can Motivate Local Referees”

The presence of foreign referees in the second round of League 1 received a positive response from Arema FC player, Ahmad Bustomi. 32-year-old player is hoping foreign referees can whip the local referee to show better performance.

According Bustomi, the presence of foreign referees are still reaping the pros and cons in Indonesian football. But the former Indonesian national team playmaker is trying to see a positive side where foreign referees are expected to impact on the quality of local referees.

“Foreign referees are actually still pros and cons, I am as Indonesian people still believe in Indonesian referee, but it is true there may be some human error incidents in leading the game,” said Bustomi.

“Hopefully this can motivate local referees to show more quality,” continued Bustomi.

The presence of foreign referees so far has a positive impact. They are judged firmly in terms of making decisions.

However, their performance is also still not perfect. Some mistakes persist and get loud protests, one of which occurred in the match Persija Jakarta against PSM Makassar.

Kubu PSM protest hard because the referee’s performance is not maximized. PSM growled because the referee annulled a goal PSM and give a penalty for Persija.

“The opponents of Persija, PSM protested loudly, the referees are also human, none of them are 100 percent perfect, so far there is no guarantee,” said Bustomi.

PREDICTION Borneo FC vs Sriwijaya FC: End the Bad Run

PREDICTION Borneo FC vs Sriwijaya FC: End the Bad Run

The opening weekend of the second round of League 1 Indonesia presents a team duel that both injured Borneo FC faced with Sriwijaya FC at Segiri Stadium on Saturday (5/8) afternoon local time. Who can get out of the pinhole?

The hosts, appearing less consistent in their last five games. Borneo can only win two victories, two defeats and one other result ends in a draw. This is a danger signal for those who are required to improve performance in the second round.

Meanwhile, the position of PBFC in the standings of Gojek Traveloka League 1 is in order to-11. They collected 24 points and only three points adrift of the candidate versus Sriwijaya.

Laskar Wong Kito is also in poor condition. They have only won one victory in the last five games, four of which have drawn a draw in a row. Caretaker caretaker squad Hartono Ruslan is now in the order of 15, just six points adrift of red zone inhabited Perseru Serui.


Lerby Eliandry

This Indonesian native striker has become the most prominent player in terms of his game in skut Etut Etut. Positioned as an interpreter, Lerby is very opportunistic in front of the opponent’s goal. Evidently he has incised nine goals so far for Borneo in League 1. Effective movement can be a threat to the famous defender Sriwijaya.

Alberto Goncalves

Not exactly in line with the achievements of his team, Beto in fact became one of the most fertile players in League 1. The Brazilian striker has recorded 10 goals, and despite his age no longer young speed Alberto still remain as before. Deadly movements always make it difficult for his opponents.


Borneo FC XI (4-3-3): Muhammad Ridho; Abdul Rahman, Kunihiro Yamashita, Matheus, Leonardo Tupamahu; Abdul Aziz, Asri Akbar, Ponaryo Astaman; Terens Puhiri, Lerby Eliandry, Patrich Wanggai

Sriwijaya FC XI (4-3-3): Sandy Firmansyah; Sandy Merauje, Yanto Basna, Bio Paulin, Gilang Ginarsa; Ichsan Kurniawan, Yoo Hyun Koo, Rachmad Hidayat; Talaohu Abdul Mushafry; Alberto Goncalves, M. Nur Iskandar


From the record of the meeting, Sriwijaya may be jemawa over the opponent Borneo FC. Laskar Wong Kito managed to win three of the last four meetings. This is a good capital for the children of Palembang dedicate the victory at home opponent. It will greatly lift the morale of those who are downhill.

Maitimo Performance Value Persija Currently Not Special

Maitimo Performance Value Persija Currently Not Special

Persib Bandung naturalization player, Raphael Maitimo, mengumbar optimism can subdue his former team, Persija Jakarta, in advanced League 1 in GBLA, Saturday (22/07/2017) He considered Persija’s performance is currently not so special.

“Persija is now a regular team, I see (performance) Persija is now normal,” said Maitimo told reporters in Mes Persib, Ahmad Yani Road, Thursday (7/20/2017).

He did not dismiss the current condition of Persib no better than Persija. Nevertheless, he believes his team is superior in terms of player material.

“We did make a mistake but we have the best team,” said the 10-backed player.

Although considered not special, Persija remain a team to watch out for. He was reluctant to underestimate the opposing team.

“Persija is a good team, solid and compact, we can not under estimate the same opponent, they are now up again but I think they are a bit lucky, hopefully we will go up in the second round,” he said.