Giant Jersey Barcelona Flew in New York


Barcelona, Juventus, ICC

Giant Jersey Barcelona Flew in New York

Barcelona is undergoing a pre-season tour in the United States Agen Sbobet. Barcelona followed the International Champions Cup (ICC) tournament held in the US and several other countries.

However, on this preseason title, Barcelona did not play in New York. Juventus contra’s inaugural match was at East Ruherford. After that, Barcelona moved to Landover and the US tour ended in Miami, Florida.

The plan, Thursday (27/7/2017), Barcelona will meet with strong Manchester United team. This match takes place at FedEx Field Stadium, Landover, Maryland.

To honor fans in New York City. Barcelona held a special event for Barcelonistas. They invited them to form a giant jersey formation of El Barca in a city park.

Barcelona president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, participated in the event. In addition, some former Barcelona players such as Thierry Henry and Juliano Belletti also participated in this activity.

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