“Hopefully Foreign Referees Can Motivate Local Referees”

“Hopefully Foreign Referees Can Motivate Local Referees”

The presence of foreign referees in the second round of League 1 received a positive response from Arema FC player, Ahmad Bustomi. 32-year-old player is hoping foreign referees can whip the local referee to show better performance.

According Bustomi, the presence of foreign referees are still reaping the pros and cons in Indonesian football. But the former Indonesian national team playmaker is trying to see a positive side where foreign referees are expected to impact on the quality of local referees.

“Foreign referees are actually still pros and cons, I am as Indonesian people still believe in Indonesian referee, but it is true there may be some human error incidents in leading the game,” said Bustomi.

“Hopefully this can motivate local referees to show more quality,” continued Bustomi.

The presence of foreign referees so far has a positive impact. They are judged firmly in terms of making decisions.

However, their performance is also still not perfect. Some mistakes persist and get loud protests, one of which occurred in the match Persija Jakarta against PSM Makassar.

Kubu PSM protest hard because the referee’s performance is not maximized. PSM growled because the referee annulled a goal PSM and give a penalty for Persija.

“The opponents of Persija, PSM protested loudly, the referees are also human, none of them are 100 percent perfect, so far there is no guarantee,” said Bustomi.

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