5 Interesting Notes Of Manchester United Difficult Victory Against Real Salt Lake

5 Interesting Notes Of Manchester United Difficult Victory Against Real Salt Lake

Manchester United struggled against MLS Real Salt Lake team. Almost a draw, Romelu Lukaku finally managed to give victory to Manchester United. However, winning or losing is not a major issue in friendlies. Here are five important points after the game ended 2-1.

Proof of quality Romelu Lukaku

Lukaku had to watch Marcus Rashford score two goals in their first pre-season game against LA Galaxy. Signing in as a second-half substitute, Lukaku failed to score, but against Real Salt Lake he was given a chance to be a starter.

At the beginning of the action is not too visible, got a cross from Timothy Fosu-Mensah and fired a shot from a distance of about 30 meters.

After failing to take advantage of opportunities against LA Galaxy, he opened his goal record at minute 38 at the Rio Tinto Stadium. His first touch to control the Mkhitaryan bait is not the best, but his calm in the penalty box is clearly visible.

The strange red card of Antonio Valencia


Valencia’s red card on 68 minutes was unusual, not only because of this friendship, but Jose Mourinho was asked the referee to replace him so as not to be red-carded after Sebastian Saucedo tackle. from behind.

Mounrinho refused to do that because he did not receive a red card issued by the referee for his players. He felt Valencia did not deserve a red card because Saucedo play harder and dangerous.

Juan Mata Injury

The eye is a victim of Saucedo’s ferocity. He only survived 15 minutes on the pitch before Saucedo made Mata’s ankle in pain. Apparently this is what makes Valencia upset, Saucedo’s behavior in the field is very aggressive.

Mourinho hopes the eye injury is not serious. “Eye ankles are swollen, but I hope it is not serious,” Mourinho said after the match.

Manchester United’s bad defense

After using three defenders against LA Galaxy, United this time using four Fosu-Mensah defender, Victor Lindelof, Phil Jones and Daley Blind. It’s a far cry from the solid and entering 30 minutes Real Salt Lake several times through midfield and creates a good chance. Jones seems too easily conquered in Luis Silva’s goal. He passed Jones before conquering Joel Pereira.

Real Salt Lake also managed to penetrate the left side of United’s defense, they managed to conquer Daley Blind several times. However, there is a positive side, Fosu-Mensah one of the players who look slick in the first round. In addition to surviving well, he also contributed well on the front lines. Lindelof also appear convincing in the middle and playing neatly when it comes out of the area.

In the second half the threat of Real Salt was reduced and United’s line-up was hard to see. The presence of Eric Bailly and Chris Smalling made the movement of Real Salt Lake more difficult.

An all-out Real Salt Lake turnover

Changing the entire team after the first half as did Manchester United may seem standard on pre-season, but Real Salat Lake takes a step further. 48 hours after this match they will play in MLS against Portland Timbers, they only play 30 minutes with their starting XI and then replace all the players on the field.

There is also a substitution of players in the 70th minute, they include five new power. Actually quite embarrassing United play slick against Real Salt Lake because this club must prepare MLS game also lasted 48 hours after this fight and they also a lot of changing players – almost all players appear. So they have to recover quickly in order to be fit against Portland. (Source: skysports.com)

West Ham Captain Simpson Against Career Joe Hart In Manchester City

West Ham Captain Simpson Against Career Joe Hart In Manchester City

West Ham United captain Mark Noble voiced his sympathy with Manchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart. He believes Hart has missed a difficult time in his career over the last year S8Poker.com.

Noble’s comments coincided with rumors that the Hammers were considering recruiting the Citizens goalkeeper. Even some media claim that the agreement between the two clubs is almost complete, in which Hart will be borrowed by West Ham for the full season.

The start of the 30-year career goalkeeper’s decline came as he became a criticized field, for his poor performances while dressed in England a few years ago. Precisely in the 2016 European Cup event, which at that time Hart was rated as the culprit of the defeat of The Three Lions of Iceland in the quarterfinals.

It was then that raised doubts about Hart’s future in Manchester City. Especially with the arrival of Pep Guardiola, who openly will not give him a chance.

As is known, as proof Pep does not like Hart is with the recruitment of Claudio Bravo from Barcelona in the summer of last year.

Responding to Hart’s difficult situation, Noble stated that the goalkeeper deserves respect for what he has done.

“In my opinion, he (Hart) waded through a bit of trouble in the past year. He has been a fantastic British player and for his club in the last 10 years, ”

“And why I thought maybe there should be a little respect for him,” continued the West Ham captain.

The aftermath of his dispute with Pep Guardiola, Hart finally dumped into Serie A club Torino. During the full season he strengthened Il Toro, Hart managed to perform as many as 36 times and conceded 66 times in Serie A, which the record shows a decrease in the quality of Hart himself.

Now Hart’s future is at stake in the City, given Guardiola also bringing new goalkeeper to the summer transfer market Ederson Moraes from Benfica worth 40 million euros, making him the most expensive goalkeeper in the world.

Going to be the most realistic option for Hart, so is West Ham the right port for him? Interesting awaited. (Source: Sportsmole)

Transfer 75 Million Pounds Related Lukaku Not Finished

Transfer 75 Million Pounds Related Lukaku Not Finished

Having already officially joined Manchester United, apparently a transfer known to have reached 75 Million Pounds it, still not over Agen Bola Terpercaya.

It is known that the Red Devils must pay approximately 20 Million Pounds again to the Everton, if indeed he successfully performed with as expected and fantastic.

Surely automatic Lukaku will become the most expensive player in the world, because both clubs have such records, it means that Lukaku is predicted to break the record of Paul Pogba.

Belgian players are also likely to be downgraded by Jose Mourinho, on pre-season tour, which also learns the character of the game.

Juventus Still Want Bernardeschi?

Juventus Still Want Bernardeschi?

The arrival of Douglas Costa will not uncover Juventus intentions to bring Federico Bernardeschi.

It is thought that the Bianconeri will inaugurate a deal for Costa tomorrow, with the Bayern Munich winger undergoing medical trials as soon as possible.

Bernardeschi, meanwhile, may be an alternative for the Brazilian, but the media have reported that he still wants to recruit the Viola striker.

What’s more, Juan Cuadrado will not be sold because the club wants to give coach Max Allegri as many options as possible for his flagship 4-2-3-1 formation.

The Turin-based club is expected to make a bid for Mattia De Sciglio, the Milan defender this week.

WBA Wants Barry Joining

WBA Wants Barry Joining
West Bromwich Albion is reportedly currently negotiating with Everton Management, in their quest to realize Gareth Barry’s recruitment Agen Bola Terpercaya.

The 36-year-old veteran midfielder did not say he wants to leave Goodison Park next season. However, with time to play that will be quite minimal next season, he was allegedly willing to join with other clubs in the transfer market this time.

WBA was reportedly ready to give space to the former Manchester City player to be a commander for their midfield, who is also known to just lose the figure of Darren Flatcher at the end of the 2016-2017 season ago.

Although it will be quite difficult to convince Barry, the WBA feel pretty sure that their chances are good enough to add strength in midfield this summer.

And some media in the UK also believes that the Newest Manager of WBA, Sean Dyche also has prepared an alternative player in James McArthur, who is currently still actively playing with Crystal Palace.

Another Step Join AC Milan, Andrea Conti Semringah

Atalanta vs AC Milan

Another Step Join AC Milan, Andrea Conti Semringah
Atalanta winger defender, Andre Conti, admitted very happy because one more step in uniform AC Milan. The player was reported to have undergone medical tests at Millanello on Thursday (06/07/2017) local time.

“I am very excited and impatient to start my career at AC Milan, and when I am at Milanello I will be emotional, I am very happy at the moment,” said Conti.

Andrea Conti showed a slick appearance at Atalanta throughout the 2016-2017 season. The player recorded eight goals and five assists from 35 matches in various competitions.

Andrea Conti’s positive performance led Atalanta to fourth in the Serie A. Sergio A. The La Dea native team automatically competes in the Europa League group phase next season.

AC Milan reportedly disbursed around 22 million euros (Rp 335.15 billion) to secure Andrea Conti. If the transfer process was officially announced, the 23-year-old defender will be the second Atalanta player to be imported by Rossoneri in the 2017 summer transfer window.

Previously, AC Milan officially get Franck Kessie from Atalanta as a loan player for two seasons. However, Vincenzo Montella’s side have the option of signing up the player in June 2019.

Source: FourFourTwo

Because Dani Ceballos, Real Madrid Must Lakoni “El Clasico”

Because Dani Ceballos, Real Madrid Must Lakoni “El Clasico”
Zinedine Zidane is reported to have given the green light to approach Real Madrid to Real Betis young midfielder Dani Ceballos. In order to get Ceballos, Madrid must first melakoni el clasico Judi Online Terpercaya.

Not only give approval, even Zidane also want to include Ceballos in the preloas list preloede Los Blancos in the United States.

Ceballos is being excellent. His name increasingly sped after the midfielder was selected as the best player Euro U-21 2017.

El clasico was created. Madrid must compete fiercely with Barcelona to get Ceballos’s signature.

Zidane’s interest in Ceballos is well founded. The 20-year-old midfielder is projected as a midfield general for Los Blancos in the future.

“My playing style is similar to Luka Modric,” Ceballos said in an interview session with Spanish media As recently.

Zidane should be looking for Modric successor soon. On September 9, the Croatian flamboyant midfielder will be celebrating his 32nd birthday.

Madrid must hurry because Barcelona has taken a concrete approach to Ceballos. On 30 June ago, Barca officially released Cristian Tello to Betis.

In the process of the transaction, Barcelona management had asked the opportunity to recruit Ceballos to the Vice President of Betis, Lorenzo Serra Ferrer.

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Benzema: Saya bangga kinerja saya

Karim Benzema mengatakan dia bangga kinerja mencetak gol dalam kemenangan Real Madrid atas Napoli dan terasa pendukung klub sepenuhnya di belakangnya setelah bertahan mantra yang sulit.

laki-laki Zinedine Zidane telah jatuh di belakang dalam Liga Champions terakhir-16 dasi di Santiago Bernabeu, namun Benzema mencetak equalizer untuk memastikan pertandingan itu tingkat di babak pertama.

Pemegang kemudian mendorong untuk mengklaim kemenangan 3-1 yang menempatkan mereka dalam posisi yang kuat untuk mencapai delapan, dengan striker bangga dampak setelah musim yang telah melihat menampilkan nya sangat dikritik oleh fans.

Benzema hanya mencetak lima kali dalam 16 LaLiga cocok, tapi sepakannya pada hari Rabu adalah kelima hanya dalam tujuh Champions liga tamasya.

“Itu adalah malam yang besar dan kita semua dimasukkan ke dalam kinerja yang bagus,” kata striker, yang telah pergi lebih dari sebulan sejak gol terakhirnya.

“Saya benar-benar bangga dan senang dengan tampilan saya. Sekarang saya merasa sangat baik dan setelah mencetak gol pertama.

“Saya merasa bahwa fans dengan saya dan yang benar-benar penting bagi kepercayaan diri Anda.

Ajax’s Veltman akhirnya meminta maaf atas aksi tidak sportif

Bek Ajax Joel Veltman telah mundur dan meminta maaf atas perilaku tidak sportif dalam timnya menang 2-0 Eredivisie atas Sparta pada hari Minggu.

Bek kanan menjadi sensasi media sosial, untuk semua alasan yang salah, ketika ia mengambil keuntungan dari goodwill lawan Ivan Calero dalam pertemuan di Amsterdam ArenA.

Calero siap untuk menantang Veltman setelah bek telah mengumpulkan bola di sayap kanan, hanya untuk pria Ajax untuk sinyal untuk lawannya bahwa ia akan berhenti bermain untuk memungkinkan terluka Bertrand Traore menjalani perawatan.

The Sparta winger akibatnya tampak belakangnya di Traore cedera, tidak lagi memperhatikan Veltman, yang kemudian memilih untuk mengisi masa lawannya dan mengirim umpan silang ke kotak daripada menendang bola keluar dari bermain.

Kecaman dari tindakan Veltman adalah luas tetapi internasional Belanda – yang membuat penampilan Ajax nya 150 – awalnya tidak bertobat, mengaku ia hanya “menjadi pintar”.

Namun, ia akhirnya meminta maaf pada hari Senin, mengatakan di Twitter: “Kembali pada tindakan dan reaksi dalam hal pertandingan kemarin melawan Sparta, dan khususnya untuk Ivan Calero permintaan maaf yang tulus saya Menengok ke belakang, saya seharusnya tidak melakukan ini.!.