Real Madrid Vs Barcelona, ​​Messi Became a Specter at the Bernabeu


Real Madrid Vs Barcelona, ​​Messi Became a Specter at the Bernabeu

Real Madrid will host Barcelona at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in the second leg of the Spanish Super Cup on Wednesday (08/16/2017) or Thursday morning GMT. The hosts must be wary of Barca striker Lionel Messi, who has a good goal record at the Bernabeu.

Real Madrid have good capital ahead of this match. At el clasico the first volume at Camp Nou on Sunday (13/8) or Monday early morning local time, Los Blancos melibas eternal rival it with a score of 3-1.

That means, the work of Real Madrid to be lighter because they only need to achieve a draw to embrace the first title of the 2017-2018 season. If failed to get a draw, the defeat of Zinedine Zidane’s troops is a goal difference.

Nonetheless, Barca also has a chance to reverse the situation through Messi’s magic. This tiny Argentine striker appeared very impressive grazing at the Bernabeu.

Based on Squawka’s stats, the captain has scored 14 goals from 17 games at the Bernabeu. Even in the last meeting at the stadium of Madrid’s public pride, the player with the nickname La Pulga was successfully scored two goals that make Barca win 3-2. Messi scored the opening goal and a decisive goal victory in the 92nd minute.

Another fact that makes Madridistas worth ketar-ketir is the status of Messi as top scorer of all time in the game titled el clasico. This left-handed attacker has 25 times ripped the net of El Real and more than half his goals are created at the Bernabeu.

When Barca came with the best power to deliver the terror, Real Madrid actually lost the superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese striker must be absent due to a red card received in the first leg.

Ronaldo contributed the winning goal at Camp Nou. Emotional bursts by removing clothes make the former winger Manchester United is rewarded a yellow card. A minute after the yellow card, he is considered to be diving so again punished a second yellow card which means having to leave the field.

It turns out Ronaldo penalty is not limited to two yellow cards. When expelled, Ronaldo was judged to act improperly to officials because encouraging the referee. As a result, he received a severe penalty should not appear in five domestic matches, which starts from the second leg of this Spanish Super Cup.

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