This Target Persib at PSM Makassar Cage

This Target Persib at PSM Makassar Cage

Persib Bandung target to decide the results of less than the maximum in the last five matches in League 1. The ambition is expected to materialize when Persib met PSM Makassar at Andi Mattalatta Stadium, Makassar, Sunday (15/10/2017).

“Realistic in football maybe we know sometimes unexpected things can happen.We do not want to think down we want to go up and try to achieve maximum results d isana,” said Persib physical coach, Yaya Sunarya, Thursday (12/10/2017) .

Yaya explained now his team only focus on trying to get positive results in every game including trying to eliminate the burden when meeting the team nicknamed Juku Eja.

“Every game will be impossible to climb up to become champion means we are only trying to improve individually or team so that its impact on team achievement goes up, meaning every game we have to win,” said Yaya.

In the match later Persib coach staff bring 19 players without Raphael Maitimo accumulated and Dedi Kusnandar injured. “The left goalkeeper Imam (Arif), Agung (Mulyadi), (Raphael) Maitimo Dedi (Kusnandar) brought 19 players plus two goalkeepers, “he said.

List of Players

Here is a list of Persib players who brought to face PSM Makassar:

1. I Made Wirawan

2. M. Natshir

3. Henhen Herdiana

4. Supardi

5. Vladimir Vujovic

6. Achmad Jufriyanto \

7. Purwaka Yudi

8. Wildansyah

9. Jajang Sukmara

10. Tony Sucipto

11. Hariono

12. Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan

13. M. Essien

14. Billy paji Keraf

15. Atep

16. Febri Hariyadi

17. Gian Zola

18. Shohei Matsunaga

19. Ezechiel N’Douassel

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