Frequently Asked Questions

One of the leading factors that decide the page creation process’ time is the length of the page itself. Then, topics as well as the intricacy of the content factors in as well. But, on average, it takes up to about 4-6 weeks to get a page up and running. 

Yes, it is. Because, even companies and person pages on Wikipedia have subcategories, such as politicians and athletes in person profiles. 

Depending on the company’s profile and eligibility, it might take up to 8 weeks to build credibility for a page. But, the process of creating the page itself is around 5-7 weeks.

No, it does not. Koch Wiki promises to deliver the pages at the quickest possible date. However, if there is one thing we never compromise then it is the quality of content we create. Which is one of the core reasons for our 100% approval rate on Wikipedia pages.